Episode 13: The Palazzo Pitti in Florence

Boboli Gardens Palazzo Pitti, Florence

This episode takes us to the Palazzo Pitti, the must-see palace on the ‘other’ side of the River Arno, just across the Ponte Vecchio. Hear how the Medicis lorded it over the Pittis by buying up the grand palace which the latter could no longer afford. There are brief biographies of the later Medici, some who patronised the arts and sciences and others who murdered each other to ensure their own succession. Find out which one was the ‘spendthrift cardinal’ and which one was said to have ‘passed his brief life between luncheons, receptions and literary or scientific debates.’ Finally, hear about the most noteworthy things to look out for at the Palazzo, such as the Boboli Gardens and paintings by Raphael and Titian.


More information about Florence coming soon.

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