Ideally, before a city break, you’d read up lots of history and cultural information to help you get the most out of your stay. But time is short, and that’s where our podcasts and blogposts come in. We have done the reading and research to find out what you need to know and put it all together into a series for each city we’re covering.

Each episode in a City Breaks Series takes a place you are likely to be visiting – perhaps a cathedral, a palace or a museum – and gives you the background information you need to really appreciate what you’re seeing, well-researched, but with a slant towards the quirky and amusing.

Find the podcasts for each city below, or on any of the usual podcast providers. We are currently adding blogposts for each city, but they may not all be there yet. We’re working on it as fast as we can! And we hope you will enjoy joining us on our travels!

Your Host

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Marian Jones

History and culture inform a city break, don’t they?  When I visit a château I wonder who built it and why.  I want to know what stories former inhabitants could tell us if they were still alive.

If you wonder that too, I think you’ll enjoy my website!