Hello and welcome to my website. I’m Marian Jones and I started City Breaks in order to bring lots of my interests together. City breaks, obviously. But lots of other things too.

There’s my background in languages, which goes right back to learning French and German at school, then studying both for my degree, including spending a whole year in Vienna. Then there’s my interest in travel and writing about it. That began back in a classroom in the 1970s when we read Laurie Lee’s description of getting off a boat in Vigo and setting off across Spain with a violin tucked under his arm. I remember thinking that I too would like to go places and then write about them. It has taken me a while to get this underway …..

No less important is my interest in the culture of the places I enjoy visiting. When I’m going somewhere new, I want to know the background: who built that château and why, what tales could former inhabitants tell us if there were still alive? Being a podcast fan myself, I began to think that maybe I would collect up all the snippets I gather when researching somewhere I’m going to visit and turn them into my very own podcast. Ta-dah! Hope you like it.

How can you help?

If you enjoy the podcasts, please do leave a review on whatever platform you use. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to e mail them to me at the address below. And if you’d like to see your own city review appearing, do get in touch. A guest article section is being planned and yours could be one of the first to appear.

EMAIL : citybreaks@citybreakspodcast.co.uk