Episode 13: Stories of Seville

Tobacco factory sign, Seville

Fictional characters who make the city famous

Hear stories about some of Seville’s best known fictional characters. We start with Cervantes’ low-life tricksters Rinconete and Cortadillo, operating in 16th century Seville. Then there’s Carmen, the fictional character originally created by Prosper Merimee whose dramatic story so captured the imagination of 19th century readers that they thought she was real and came to Seville to meet her. And finally, Don Juan, whom no-one could ‘outsmart in gambling, duelling or making love’ and who was brought to life in stories, plays and operas by a number of writers. Discover too where to find traces of all three in today’s Seville.


More information about Seville coming soon.

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Links & Reading

4 useful websites for tourists
Visit Seville
Welcome to Seville
Andalucia: Seville 
Seville City Guide

5 useful guidebooks
Seville City Plan by Michelin
Rough Guide to Andalucia
Eyewitness Guide to Seville and Andalucia
Lonely Planet Guide to Andalucia
A Guide to Seville: 5 Walking tours by P S Quick

5 books of travel writing
Spain by Jan Morris
As I walked out through Spain in Search of Laurie Lee by P D Murphy
Death and the Sun by Edward Lewine (‘A Matador’s Season in the Heart of Spain)
Andalus by Jason Webster (‘A Quest to Discover Spain’s Moorish History’)
A Handbook for Travellers in Spain by Richard Ford (published 1845!)

3 Literary anthologies
Andalucia, A Literary Guide for Travellers by Andrew and Suzanne Edwards
Spain, A Literary Companion by Jimmy Burns
Seville, Cordoba and Granada: A Cultural and Literary History by Elizabeth Nash

3 novels which feature Seville
As I walked out one Midsummer Morning by Laurie Lee
A Rose for Winter by Laurie Lee
Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway