Florence 15

Florence Episode 15 San Marco

Frescos and medieval manuscripts, stored in delightful tranquility.

Perhaps one of Florence’s lesser-known pleasures, San Marco’s tranquil atmosphere and beautiful frescos are a delight. Hear a brief history of the building, including its connections to Cosimo de Medici and the ‘mad monk’ Savonarola, both of whose rooms you can visit. Find out too about the 43 monks’ cells, each with their own fresco, and the Pilgrim’s Hospice. Learn about the library, originally commissioned by Cosimo di Medici for his growing book collection and which today houses displays of medieval illuminated manuscripts and display cases telling you about this medieval technique. Lastly, there is information on the monastery’s two most famous artists – Fra Angelico and Bartolomeo – and on the works they left behind them here at San Marco.