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Benvenuto! Willkommen! Dobro pozhalovat! Now that we have quite a few podcasts available, it’s time to open up the blog. Our first two series, on Florence and Munich, are complete and we are now nearing the end of the St Petersburg series. Hence the words of welcome in Italian, German and Russian. Next up is Toulouse – Bienvenue! – so please look out for the first episode at the beginning of July. We are already musing about which lovely city to cover next.

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Vivienne Burke

Hello, from Geelong, Victoria Australia.
I have just discovered you via a link in a newsletter from our Victorian ABC Radio and also via a Bonjour Paris newsletter article.
I have only listened to the Paris series so far – most episodes twice.
I am so impressed with your content and presentation.
I know Paris well and was due to visit for a month beginning 14 May, but alas it is not possible at present. So I am lapping up your delicate and oh so interesting talks.
After I have absorbed every word about about Paris I’ll move on to Seville, which I also know reasonably well. And after that it will be Toulouse. I know the surrounding areas quite well but have never spent time in the city.
So … thank you so much for sustaining me during this time that I cannot travel.
I wish I knew who I was listening to / writing to. A little bit on the background of how City Breaks came to be?
Best regards

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