St Petersburg 12

St Petersburg Episode 12 Music and Theatre in St Petersburg

A city proud of its musical heritage

Hear about some of St Petersburg’s many musical connections, with potted biographies of composers from Glinka, often known as the father of Russian music, to Shostakovich, via, of course, Tchaikovsky. And not forgetting Rubinstein, whose Russian Musical Society did so much to put St Petersburg on the musical map, or Stravinsky, whose ‘Rite of Spring’ delighted and outraged audiences in equal measure. Find out too about some of the city’s best-known musical and theatrical venues, from the jewel-like little theatres built for the Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great to the ever-popular Mariinsky and the two Shostakovich Philarmonia Halls. Learn which museums and cemeteries have most to tell you about the city’s musical heritage.