St Petersburg 10

St Petersburg Episode 10 The Soviet Era

History from Lenin to Gorbachev, plus where to enjoy Stalin-era doughnuts

What happened in St Petersburg after the 1917 Revolution and where can you find traces of the Soviet era in the city today? After a little history, we visit three sites with much to tell: the terrifying Trubetskoy Bastion Prison, the State Museum of Political History and the former home of the dissident poet Anna Akhmatova. After a tour of metro stations designed in the 1950s as ‘Palaces of the People’, find out where you can experience Soviet culture today, whether you wish to play 1970s arcade games like Morskoi Boi (battleships!), dine in a Soviet-style restaurant on, say, borscht or draniki (beetroot soup or potato pancakes) or seek out the Donut Café where the atmosphere today still feels like ‘Stalin-era Russia’.