Munich 10

Munich Episode 10 Art

From Dürer via the Blue Rider movement to the Munich Art Hoard.

A brief history of art in Munich and information on its main art galleries and what to look out for there. Find out where to see works by Albrecht Dürer, Hams Holbein, the German Romantics like Caspar David Friedrich and the Blue Rider artists like Wassily Kandinsy and Paul Klee. Hear too about propaganda art and the so-called ‘degenerate art’ of the Nazi period, which saw Hitler refer to the artists he thought subversive as ‘cliques of chatterers, dilettantes and art-frauds.’ Finally, hear the story of the Munich Art Hoard, culminating in the discovery in 2012 of Cornelius Gurlitt in his Munich apartment with huge quantities of art which had gone astray during the 1930’s and 40’s and which had been thought lost forever.