Munich 06

Munich Episode 06 The Town Centre

Marienplatz, the city centre churches and the Englischer Garten.

Starting in Marienplatz, hear about the two – yes, two – Town Halls and the quaint daily marionette shows: why does the blue-and-white knight always win the daily jousting competition and what are the coopers frolicking about? Then we visit the Peterskirche (Munich’s oldest church) and the Frauenkirche (her biggest), plus others offering sunny, Italian-feel baroque, the dank crypts of the Wittelsbachs and the vanity project of two brothers with plenty of money and a taste for the extravagant. You’ll find out where and why the devil stamped his foot and which bell tolled when there was to be a public hanging. Lastly, we’re off round the Englischer Garten, one of Europe’s very largest city parks.