Florence 09

Florence Episode 09 Around San Lorenzo

A grand (Medici) library and an even grander mausoleum.

First, there is a description of the area around San Lorenzo in medieval times, and of the nearby busy Mercato Vecchio (Old Market). Then we move on to the Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana , or Laurentian Library, built to house the ever-growing collection of books amassed by several generations of the Medici family. And lastly, a visit to the Medici Chapel, where about 50 of the more minor family members are buried in the crypt downstairs. Upstairs the Grand Dukes lie at rest in the splendidly decorated mausoleum whose marble walls are embellished with jade, turquoise and gold. Opinion is divided on whether it is splendid or tasteless, and you will hear arguments on both sides.