Florence 05

Florence Episode 05 Santa Croce

‘In the dust scattered in the temple of Santa Croce is written the history of Italian civilisation’

The 19th century art historian who described Santa Croce as symbol of Italian civilisation was referring in part to the 270 tombs of well-known Italians, including Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Galileo, to be found there. Hear about some of the key moments in the church’s history, and also about the vulnerability of this low-lying district to flooding. Discover a sample of the church’s best-known works of art, especially Cimabue’s crucifix, crafted in the late 13th century, but badly damaged in the floods of 1966. Meticulously restored, it is now not just a beautiful work of art, but also a symbol of the city’s recovery after devastation.